bus – School Bus
semi – Tractor Trailer
bug – Volkswagen Beetle
vwfb – Volkswagen Fastback
vanagon – Volkswagen Combi Van
miata – Mazda Miata
bmw – BMW
mercedes – Mercedes-Benz
volvo – Volvo Stationwagon
armytruck – Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
snowtruck – Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
jeepyj – Jeep YJ
landcruiser – Toyota Landcruiser
quattro – Audi Quattro
commanche – Commanche Pick-up Truck
drive29 – Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
drive30 – Limouine
drive31 – Citroën 2CV
drive35 – Wooden Box
drive36 – Hand Cart
drive37 – Wooden Stand
drive38 – Tyrannosaurus Rex
drive39 – Wild West Style Wagon
drive40 – Souvenir Stand 1
drive41 – Souvenir Stand 2
drive42 – Souvenir Stand 3
drive43 – Log
drive44 – Crate 1
drive45 – Mono-Rail
drive46 – Hover Cop Car
drive47 – U.F.O. (unidentified flying object)
drive48 – Hover Sewage Truck
drive49 – Crate 2
drive50 – Crate 3
Bonus Car Cheat
Type redracer at the main menu to obtain the Ford Indigo bonus car.
Bonus Track Cheat
Type hollywood at the main menu to get the Monolithic Studios bonus track.
9 Camera Views
The new and improved way to do this cheat and get it to work every single time: Just choose all your options as normal in the menu. Hit RACE. When the loading screen comes up showing your car selection and track etc. Hit and hold Right Shift, B, and C buttons. The B button is for the above view, and the C button is for the other extra camera views. They all all very interesting. Just like the replay views just about.
Remove Inivisible Walls
Start the race on either the Mediterraneo or the Mystic Peaks track with the McLaren F1 in Simulation Mode. At any time during the race, drive in reverse, keep your horn blaring and hit any at moveable object (not a sign) at about 60 MPH. Now the cheat is enabled. To use the cheat you must drive over 80 MPH and hit any guard rail, bridge, etc. You will fly off track. Download two replays from Mediterraneo and Mystic Peaks, click here.
Psycho Mode
Start a race with any car at any track. Go forward a little then look backwards. Put it in reverse and right before you get to the start/finish line, slam on the handbrake. You must cross the line about when the timer reaches 10 seconds. That is very important! Download a replay of psycho mode, click here.
360 Spins
We suggest you use the Lotus GT1 in Mediterraneo for doing a 360. When you are almost complete the jump quickly press handbrake and turn one way (let go of accel). You will start spinning around. To land this we suggest you press accel when your in the position you want to land in.
Flipping Your Car
When you are near the second jump in Mediterraneo (close to the windmills) go past the jump and to the entrance of the tunnel and turn around. Head back at the jump from behind, it will be bumpy but if you can hit it at a high speed you will either do a flip or twirl. It is just luck causing this to happen.
Improving Your Lap Times
Use the following method:
1. Put Arcade mode on.
2. Put Catchup on.
3. Choose your course.
4. Use the McLaren F1 as your car.
5. Put two player mode on.
6. Begin the race.
7. Finish race with the first player.
8. Finish race with the second player to the best of your ability.Now see how much your times have decreased.
Quicker Acceleration
Make sure:
1. The RPM’s are at zero.
2. When the announcer says “Go!” hold accel.Now the tires won’t spin and could take you from 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds using the McLaren F1.
Civilian Car Cheats
armyme – Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
beetme – Volkswagen Fastback
bmrme – BMW
bnzme – Mercedes-Benz
bugme – Volkswagen Beetle
citme – Citroën 2CV
jepme – Commanche Pick-up Truck
lcme – Toyota Landcruiser
mazme – Mazda Miata
quatme – Audi Quattro
semime – Tractor Trailer
snowme – Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
vanme – Volkswagen Combi Van
vovme – Volvo Stationwagon
yjme – Jeep YJ
busme – School Bus
cratme – Crate
limome – Limousine
logme – Log
outhme – Outhouse
tramme – Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
trexme – Tyrannosaurus Rex
wagome – Wild West Style Wagon
stdame – Souvenir Stand 1
stdbme – Souvenir Stand 2
stdcme – Souvenir Stand 3
To allow player two in split-screen mode to also drive civilian cars, enter the cheat again — but the second time replace the me at the end with u.
Tournament Passwords
ldkmtd – Proving Grounds
growpg – Outback
htysbg – North Country
wgvlqg – Mediterraneo
brqqqg – Mystic Peaks
9 Camera Views
Select Race, then press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, cross, square, circle, and triangle (all four trigger and all four action buttons), until the race begins. You can now select from 9 different camera views instead of 4.
Bonus Car, Track & Cheat
Type the following cheats in the password entry screen (select Options and then Password):
lilzip – Allows you to drive the Ford Indigo bonus car.
shotme – Allows you to drive on the Monolithic Studios bonus track.
powrup – Upgrades all cars to “Pioneer Engines”. This makes them faster and handle better.Note: Enter powrup a second time to increase engine power even more.
800E292A 0803 – Bonus Car and Track
80035B80 0001 – Super Engine

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